Four Bedroom Deluxe Cottage


Perfect accommodation in Fuvahmulah, Maldives for group of 8 people.

We offer four spacious bedrooms with large living area, balcony and a garden in front of the cottage.

  • Spacious 4 bedrooms with a large wardrobe in each room.
  • Private bathroom in each room and a separate bathroom in living room.
  • 2 Large Living room and one with spacious balcony and other with small garden in front.
  • Kitchen is available to prepare own foods and enjoy with much of privacy.
  • Washing machine and iron board available.
  • All the rooms at the accommodation feature air conditioning
  • In-suite Check-in and Check-out
  • Daily breakfast served
  • Daily water bottle available in each room
  • Tea / Coffee available in Living room.
  • Wifi available in all the areas.
  • Comfortable large duvet is provided in each room.
  • Large bath towel is provided per guest.
  • Bathroom amenities are available in all bathrooms.

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